• ImmOmA is an Android App and component for Joomla!
    Manage images of your Joomla! web pages from the Android devices.
    Download now the Android App and Joomla component.

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Mange your Joomla photos from Android

ImmOmA is a free Android App and component for Joomla.

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ImmOmA and Android

ImmOmA is an Android App which allow you to manage images of your Joomla! sites.

Take photos from the mobile camera or gallery and publish it into your internet sites, share the photos of the your web pages with the social networks and your friends , and much more ...




ImmOmA and Joomla!


ImmOmA is not only an App for Android, is a component for Joomla! too.

You must install the ImmOmA component for Joomla for use the Android App.

You can change the setting of this component from the administrator console panel of the Joomla web page.

If you don't know how to install the component for Joomla read the documentation in the official we page of  Joomla


ImmOmA support the Joomla version





 ImmOmA allow you to access and manage your Joomla images from Android

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